Top 10 Glitches in Clash Royale's New Touchdown Update | Funny Glitches


Top 10 Glitches in Clash Royale's New Touchdown Update | Funny Glitches
Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.
Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!
PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale.
A network connection is also required.
● Duel players from around the world in real-time and take their Trophies
● Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
● Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests
● Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses
● Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents
● Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
● Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
● Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel
● Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale
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  • Anu radha
    Anu radhaPirms 7 Mēnešiem

    you are freaking f##k

  • Braden Strong
    Braden StrongPirms 7 Mēnešiem

    The bowler push is normal not a glitch

  • Daniel Dai
    Daniel DaiPirms Gada

    U forgot the goblin giant glitch

  • Excitingplayer
    ExcitingplayerPirms Gada

    C L I C K B A I T

  • Top Snoop
    Top SnoopPirms Gada

    Giant goblin gleach

  • Synthesis
    SynthesisPirms 2 Gadiem

    Theres also a glitch with the goblin giant , it happened to me yesterday and i won the game thanks to it , the giant dies after the touchdown is registered but the two goblins that drop off of it stay there

  • Ace King
    Ace KingPirms 2 Gadiem

    The mortor glitch isn’t a glitch it’s just to close to the mortor

  • Jack Isaacs
    Jack IsaacsPirms 2 Gadiem


  • BobbySauce
    BobbySaucePirms 2 Gadiem

    Also you forgot the video was about the touchdown challenge on the mortar glitch and the inferno tower glitch

  • BobbySauce
    BobbySaucePirms 2 Gadiem

    The first 3 weren’t even glitches

  • Kap Goatz
    Kap GoatzPirms 2 Gadiem

    That first glitch? Not a glitch, it's just the way their recognition circles work.

  • AntzPhilippines PH
    AntzPhilippines PHPirms 2 Gadiem

    In the Fire spirit scene where the fires spirit walks over the line is cause they aren’t considered troops when the jump is about to start otherwise it could be killed mid air and become useless when fired at

  • Justin Ruiz
    Justin RuizPirms 2 Gadiem

    Some of the "Glitches" are not Glitches

    A.L TUBERPirms 2 Gadiem

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    My Hindi TechPirms 2 Gadiem

    Truly legit method in order to get resources have been launched simply go to

  • Mara Melo
    Mara MeloPirms 2 Gadiem

    Para los españoles Cómo se juega ese juego no Clash royale el juego ese que anda jugando tipo de que llegara la otra la otra parte para ganar para ganar

  • Death Note Hindi Dubbed
    Death Note Hindi DubbedPirms 2 Gadiem

    Man the mortar glitch is not a glitch,it cant shoot troops that are too close

  • Sherri-Lynn Woods
    Sherri-Lynn WoodsPirms 2 Gadiem

    That motor glitch is not even a glitch it’s normal because it’s in front of it.

  • Quenbym Keyes
    Quenbym KeyesPirms 2 Gadiem

  • I can't think of a username
    I can't think of a usernamePirms 2 Gadiem

    The first one isn't a glitch, it's just the hog being pushed close enough to a building to were it targets the building and goes there

  • antistresova ponožka
    antistresova ponožkaPirms 2 Gadiem

    What name is to music?

  • Pablo Palafox
    Pablo PalafoxPirms 2 Gadiem

    The finish glite me

  • Martisplayz
    MartisplayzPirms 3 Gadiem

    i got the mortar glitch and x bow glitch

  • Guhzinn XL
    Guhzinn XLPirms 3 Gadiem


  • Flash々 Gaming
    Flash々 GamingPirms 3 Gadiem

    They says that clash royale but the game play of clash royale is different

  • Flash々 Gaming
    Flash々 GamingPirms 3 Gadiem

    What is name of this game

  • Jenny Alexandersson
    Jenny AlexanderssonPirms 3 Gadiem

    2:05 that is not a glitch

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile GamerPirms 3 Gadiem

    I know its clash royale but its different please tell me name of this game

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile GamerPirms 3 Gadiem

    Which game is this?

  • MaternityClothesUK
    MaternityClothesUKPirms 3 Gadiem

    there is a really ez method for getting G ems heres the page -

  • Oswaldo Morales
    Oswaldo MoralesPirms 3 Gadiem

    Forever clip bate

  • TryHardGamers
    TryHardGamersPirms 3 Gadiem

    this is montage.

  • Thunderous Inferno
    Thunderous InfernoPirms 3 Gadiem

    that princess one is not a glitch we can deploy a troop even before the touch line if you still want proff than watch it again it's the opponent princess

  • Not Senpaii
    Not SenpaiiPirms 3 Gadiem

    Inferno was allergic to shield

  • Gabriel Guaji Amurrio
    Gabriel Guaji AmurrioPirms 3 Gadiem

    Like si uno de ustedes habla español

  • - MoonBleu -
    - MoonBleu -Pirms 3 Gadiem

    No.1 bec. The hog and balloon stuned or pushed Duh

  • drack army
    drack armyPirms 3 Gadiem

    Alan Walker spectre

  • PriesT
    PriesTPirms 3 Gadiem

    Hey...If yur skeletan barrel falls on yur opponent's flying machine which is on the river.....It's gets closer to the ground...

    ĎÃϻĮÃŇ βỖŘǗЌPirms 3 Gadiem

    5:05 od bot glitch is hacker look to enemy name

  • Krishna Agrawal
    Krishna AgrawalPirms 3 Gadiem

    All the glitches were nice. The goblin barrel one was very shocking.

  • RzN Fanboy
    RzN FanboyPirms 3 Gadiem

    That mortar glitch is so useful

  • David Majdić
    David MajdićPirms 3 Gadiem

    In the instant death glitch the names are not same

  • Sander Den Boer
    Sander Den BoerPirms 3 Gadiem

    This was touchdownbglitches Some of yhese werents touchown

  • Dr. snickers
    Dr. snickersPirms 3 Gadiem

    you know that bowler push is not actully a glitch. its just game mech

    KUBIXPirms 3 Gadiem

    1:31 goal line technology you are be need in clash royale toutchdown mode

  • kitty love
    kitty lovePirms 3 Gadiem

    G E T .. G E T N O W F R e e C L A S H R O Y A L E G E M S H E R E ! !➜ ➜ ➜

  • Lucas Kloos
    Lucas KloosPirms 3 Gadiem

    The “bowler glich” inent A real glitch

  • Sifat _YT
    Sifat _YTPirms 3 Gadiem

    I thought supercell never want to win some people and they glitch it and defeate them

  • Sifat _YT
    Sifat _YTPirms 3 Gadiem

    That’s all happens to me also

  • Darx3
    Darx3Pirms 3 Gadiem

    The mortar glitch had happened to me aswell

  • Blank
    BlankPirms 3 Gadiem

    The first 1 is troops getting pushed to the building

  • clash with Fidel
    clash with FidelPirms 3 Gadiem


  • clash with Fidel
    clash with FidelPirms 3 Gadiem


  • Caleb Leonard
    Caleb LeonardPirms 3 Gadiem

    Watching this makes me mad because they need to fix this shit game

  • Moksh Mehta
    Moksh MehtaPirms 3 Gadiem

    I killed that goblin with zap

  • YOUNG Kiełbasa
    YOUNG KiełbasaPirms 3 Gadiem

    Defat glich in my phone lol

  • The best 4
    The best 4Pirms 3 Gadiem

    That is stupid to say u must be 13 or older to play u know kids play this game under 13 idiot if u set a policy to say I'm 13 or older 12 or younger they r not stupid enough to click 12 or younger they know it will block them from playing

  • Great Vincini
    Great VinciniPirms 3 Gadiem

    Uhhhh, part of these are not glitches at all like the mortar one was perpousely made that way. Before you place that you can see it’s range and if you look closely you see that it can’t shoot there.

  • Itz Aydenoo
    Itz AydenooPirms 3 Gadiem

    I did the deck. Copying glitch it worked but I lost the battle

  • Darren Butler Musical Dragon
    Darren Butler Musical DragonPirms 3 Gadiem

    How is it a glitch if you change the code????

  • Darren Butler Musical Dragon
    Darren Butler Musical DragonPirms 3 Gadiem

    The first "glitch" is just the troops that tardet buildings get pudhed by enemy to were they track the buildings

  • malperen
    malperenPirms 3 Gadiem


  • Ben0Clash
    Ben0ClashPirms 3 Gadiem

    much Bork amaze

  • Nerdy Nutcase
    Nerdy NutcasePirms 3 Gadiem

    I bet I know why the inferno reset glitch happens. The inferno tower used to continue doing its current damage to unshielded troops after their shield breaks (example: when the cannon carts shield breaks, the inferno tower does not reset.) they fixed this in an update but apparently some coding glitch made it to where it would reset when any shielded troop is nearby

  • Barzu
    BarzuPirms 3 Gadiem


  • A lif
    A lifPirms 3 Gadiem

    It's not a glitch. it's fair enough

  • - Tronnos -
    - Tronnos -Pirms 3 Gadiem


  • norsyl
    norsylPirms 3 Gadiem

    In this video vas no gliches

  • Sag ich Nicht
    Sag ich NichtPirms 3 Gadiem

    The most things in that Video are not even glitches.

  • Delphine
    DelphinePirms 3 Gadiem

    watts its the musique

  • XSKY
    XSKYPirms 3 Gadiem

    soo...... where is the goblin judge surrounded by Three bombs glitch

  • BlazedPlayz Gaming
    BlazedPlayz GamingPirms 3 Gadiem

    A fucking plus commentary

  • Ammar Arif
    Ammar ArifPirms 3 Gadiem

    Many times i got the instant defeat glitch

  • Rednitro - Gaming
    Rednitro - GamingPirms 3 Gadiem

    which software you uses to change your voice..or which text to speech software you use?? PLZ REPLY

  • _D-ice
    _D-icePirms 3 Gadiem

    Oh btw if you join a 2v2 at the same time as a 1v1 you will lose one match and then makes you quit and lose the secontd

  • oh miros
    oh mirosPirms 3 Gadiem

    Kto z Polski daję like pod moim komentarzem

  • NateDoggie
    NateDoggiePirms 3 Gadiem

    This is clickbait

  • HowardoesGaming
    HowardoesGamingPirms 3 Gadiem

    oh finally a talking man not a talking robot

  • Lőrincz Szebi
    Lőrincz SzebiPirms 3 Gadiem


  • Duncan Gaming
    Duncan GamingPirms 3 Gadiem

  • Jonah Lee
    Jonah LeePirms 3 Gadiem


  • Tovape
    TovapePirms 3 Gadiem

    5:03 watafac????

  • Ich liebe DEUSTCHLAND
    Ich liebe DEUSTCHLANDPirms 3 Gadiem

    Goblin push is not a glitch lol it is just fail of creators not really a glicth

  • AgentApple
    AgentApplePirms 3 Gadiem

    The thing isnt a glitch.. its just the pathing.. Also, the fire spirit doesnt count because it isnt a troop as it jumps.. Bowler isnt glitch... its push affect has been there the entire time its been releasded Sparky glitch is weird i guess Cannon cart glitch is normal... what do you expect to happen.. These arent glitches.. just strange and weird things that happen... dumbass

  • Emile Denys
    Emile DenysPirms 3 Gadiem

    Does anyone knows how to send in a glitch

  • Tobiassini2568
    Tobiassini2568Pirms 3 Gadiem

    #1-top 10 anime betrayals

  • Ultra YuB
    Ultra YuBPirms 3 Gadiem

    The first and the third one is technically normal

  • Mohammed R

    Mohammed R

    Pirms 3 Gadiem

    Ang Hern Watch the video in my channel.. amazing win in clash royal 😍

  • Emirhan Alkan
    Emirhan AlkanPirms 3 Gadiem

    Sparky is needing recharge when you him cloned

  • Mohammed R

    Mohammed R

    Pirms 3 Gadiem

    Emirhan Alkan Watch the video in my channel.. amazing win in clash royal 😍

  • John Rizzo
    John RizzoPirms 3 Gadiem

    0:44 that’s not a glitch

  • Moma Milosević
    Moma MilosevićPirms 3 Gadiem

    #clashuniverse#myth whehther the miner can go behind the map

  • kira Seth
    kira SethPirms 3 Gadiem


  • Janick Tiu
    Janick TiuPirms 3 Gadiem

    #myth you can't tornado a troop through a tower

  • Mohammed R

    Mohammed R

    Pirms 3 Gadiem

    Janick Tiu Watch the video in my channel.. amazing win in clash royal 😍

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    Chat3x. ComPirms 3 Gadiem

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  • Z
    ZPirms 3 Gadiem

    Lmao his voice is so smooth.

    BACK RAILZPirms 3 Gadiem

    Guys I know this might sound inappropriate but I spent a lot of time on my video and I'm not getting that much views do u mind checking my channel out

  • yurinxy LF
    yurinxy LFPirms 3 Gadiem


    NIGHTCORE WRLDPirms 3 Gadiem

    instant lose is also happen to me in 2v2 battles many times like 5 or 6

  • Someguy1237
    Someguy1237Pirms 3 Gadiem

    Had to dislike because I can't fucking stand this "music."

  • Matteo Comerlati
    Matteo ComerlatiPirms 3 Gadiem

    He has copy your video